Hey, where’s your money going?

We recognize that helping people is something that is hardwired into most of us. We also recognize that there are some organizations that take your money and decide how to spend it for you. We want to offer a place where transparency and people come first. The Joshua Wave uses 100% of your dollar and directs it to organizations that we are partnered with in order to directly affect the homeless problem. Some of the organizations we work with are:

Watchmen of the Streets

A group that travels to the hidden areas in cities around North Carolina where homeless reside in tents. This group travels to these remote and secret areas to provide food, resources like tents, sleeping bags and tarps but especially prayer and love. If you’d like to donate straight to their cause, here’s a nifty link.

Florence Crittenton Services

The services that this organization provides ranges from providing a safe and secure living situation for pregnant and new mothers to education, counseling and life skills for these teens and young mothers. To find out more information, click here. If you’d like to donate straight to their cause, here’s a nifty link.

Blankets Across Charlotte

Started by an 8-year old passionate girl about paying it forward, she and her grandmother began clothing and providing many resources to the homeless in Charlotte. To read about her full story click here. To donate directly, please reach out via their Facebook page.

The Picnic Project

A local organization in Sanford, Fl that is 100% volunteer based, clothing, feeding and providing hygiene to the homeless in downtown Sanford. You can donate directly to this organization via this link.

*The Joshua Wave, Inc is a §501(c)(3) organization, contributions to which are eligible for tax deductible treatment for federal and applicable state income tax purposes.

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