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Our Financial Strategy for 2022

We believe in running lean non-profits, exercising our ability to run a social impact project without taking a typical salary from running our initiative while bootstrapping our organization. Sure, that may mean we grow more slowly but that also means we spend less while we learn and when we do learn, we can triple our impact with our efforts.


In 2022, we are launching a marketplace model for social impact, called Thirst for Change. Our initiative is based on the last 8 years of collecting data, and working one-on-one with our Neighbors experiencing homelessness.


It is grounded in our ability to circumvent the broken system of upward mobility and allow for permanent, sustainable growth. Donate to our cause today and see your donations and our efforts, transparently, and 100% directed to the cause.


When you donate to our Resources, we guide 100% of your dollar to the initiative you are supporting. If you give to general resources, our board votes (annually) on how to split our donor impact across our initiatives.

Your Financial Impact in 2021


When you donate to this fund, we are able to scale faster. Since we rely on private donors and board member contributions for our sustainability, we can grow at the pace of social impact.

Prior-Year Financials

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