Expanding our Impact – A Story of God’s Miracles

Let me tell you a story of how we believe God works:
Four years ago, Joshua and Valery Aguirre decided to provide some supplies for the homeless in Orlando. After the support from some of our amazing friends, we were encouraged and led to start a charity. We wrote our own Bylaws, pitched a family meeting and filed for 501(c)(3) status on December 31st, 2014. By the grace of God, we received an approval later only 9 days later. Typically, charities wait 6-12 months for this approval!
Our passion has always been to create a large charity that would cycle multiple causes but I wanted to lead with the homeless cause when I saw a huge problem in the Orlando area after my mom attempted suicide multiple times and there was no significant support system in Florida. Our Mission has always been to provide dignity to the undervalued, where people can feel comfortable donating knowing that 100% of their donations go straight to the cause. Our idea for running a self-sustaining charity for multiple ad-hoc causes was pushed to the back-burner while we spearheaded the first cause, beginning homeless outreaches in three separate cities (Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando & Charlotte, NC).
In 2017, my wife’s family comes along with a plan to create a charity for multiple causes (3 for Three), aligning with our mission and our vision for the future. There is no doubt in my mind that God orchestrates these wonderful coincidences in life. For all those that believe in His vision for our future and for all those who want to see us succeed, we ask that you donate to this cause today.

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Cause 1: Sea Rescue

We’re building a team of scuba divers, working together with biologists and the support of community labor to clean 12 acres off the coast of the San Andres Island in Colombia. This beautiful island has been affected due to the accumulation of trash such as cans, plastic bags, bottles, tires, and others on the seafloor.

Cause 2: A Chance for the Homeless

We are creating a platform for the homeless to create art for a living wage. When they find meaning in creating their art, we provide a catalyst for a positive life change within each individual. Our aim is to auction the participants’ art to fund their rehabilitation, instilling a new and beautiful hope for life.

Cause 3: Art Toys Inspired by Terminally-Ill Children

Based on the work of the Hands of Love Foundation in Colombia, we will design collectible art toys inspired by terminal children that are in need of financial and emotional support in their harsh reality. These toys will be sold online in a tailor-made store that tells the story of each child. In this way, we will motivate people around the world to support a child through the purchase of each toy. The majority of income from each sale will provide financial relief to the family of each child.

Help Millions, Donate Today

If you wish to donate to the (much-needed) Operations & Marketing fund, please click here: Crowdrise Campaign
If you wish to donate straight to the cause(s), please visit Donate to 3forThree Causes
If you cannot donate at this time, we appreciate your support by Sharing this post on your social media channels!
Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness!
God Bless,
The Joshua Wave Team
3forThree.org is managed by The Joshua Wave, a §501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN: 47-2235128. All the contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.

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