How does the Pay-It-Forward Idea Expand the Wave of Change?

Do you believe that an act of kindness reaps another act of kindness? Do you agree that the one who’s been helped by someone shows the same kindness to someone else? Do you have faith that all of us have enormous love and kindness, which when bestowed upon the needy ones, can change this cruel world into a kind and peaceful place to live? It’s human nature that usually those who receive help in times of misery are more likely to relate to others in such a situation. We tend to treat others kindly if we’re also treated like so. 

The Joshua Wave operates on the principle of ‘pay-it-forward’. We believe that one person we help will go and repay it to two other people who will pay it forward to another four persons.  This way a whole network of people distributing kindness and love will form. Therefore, we provide individual focus to each of our constituents so that they feel the warmth of love and be able to pass it on to others. The idea helps The Joshua Wave to expand this promising wave of change starting from our local communities to the entire US to the whole world. 

Be a part of this Wave of Change by donating or volunteering.

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