Make This Thanksgiving a Thanksgiving for Homeless as Well

Thanksgiving has always been an important season of the year for all of us. We’re always taught to remember and show appreciation for all the good things in our life. It could be anything: the delicious food on our table or a college degree your son just received. This time of the year fills the air with gratitude and joy. 

What else does this season do? When we’re grateful, we’re appreciative of the smallest things others have done for us. This also induces us to pay it forward during this season. This lovely vibe of gratitude must pass on to others, particularly those who have very few opportunities to be happy in life. That being said, do you have any plans about making this thanksgiving season a real thanksgiving for those who’re living on the streets? Let’s look at the few things you can do to make this thanksgiving a chance for them to be thankful.

  • Organize a Drive

One of the common yet great ways to celebrate Thanksgiving is to organize food, clothing, or other necessities drive for those who’re experiencing homelessness so they can get whatever they need. Before you do that, find an organization whose mission you would like to support and give the raised funds to that organization. Use different marketing materials such as flyers, newsletters, and word of mouth before the due date.

  • Sponsor an Individual

If you know someone who’s experiencing homelessness or soon to be homeless, you can sponsor resources according to their primary need(s). One way is to pay for their stay at a shelter or residential apartment for a few weeks. Alternatively, you may connect them with existing resources such as sponsoring their skill development training or rehabilitation program at an organization.

  • Make a Cash Contribution

Sometimes people have the heart and financial ability to help but do not know what to do. We suggest for such individuals make a cash donation to any of their favorite charities. It’s very important to find organizations that align with your values and work on the cause you value the most. There are some great organizations out there that ensure the utilization of your funds at the right place. If you already know someone who might be in need of cash for one thing or another, feel free to donate some to them.

  • Volunteer

Here comes our favorite way of making things better for those who’re experiencing homelessness or are underprivileged in one way or another. As the Thanksgiving season approaches, several nonprofits begin to look for volunteers for their thanksgiving programs. You can get associated with a local organization and volunteer your time, skills, and knowledge. Volunteering shall not only help the nonprofit and those living on the streets but also fill you with gratitude and peace. 

Regardless of the generosity, we show during the Thanksgiving season, we need to be loving and respectful in our dealings with the people we serve. Every human being deserves respect regardless of their social status; whether they have a home or not. Make sure that you have dignity and compassion for them throughout the year to remind them of good things in life.

Change begins with YOU. You are the one who will break the stigma associated with homelessness and fill their lives with appreciation. 

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