Our Process

Starts with a bold vision​

We are entrepreneurs with 10x social impact goals. And we will never give up until we succeed at changing the world.

  1. Since 2014, we have been working with strategic partners from Florida to North Carolina, understanding the systemic issues and working on the ground to deliver resources to our Neighbors in need.
  2. From 2016-2021 we committed to helping individuals working one-on-one to understand their needs and shape our own perspective.
  3. In 2022, we are launching Thirst for Change, an initiative to solve the issue of panhandling from the perspective of the Neighbor AND the individual who wants to donate but just doesn’t feel confident about where their money is going. This involves educating the public to redesign how we speak about our Neighbors. Since our identity is in Christ, we firmly believe that by referring to those experiencing homelessness as “the homeless” is essentially attaching a new identity to them. Thirst for Change is a ground-level initiative to fix the panhandling problem through street vendors distributing water and popsicles and accepting donations. We will pay the individuals who are experiencing homelessness as hourly workers who do not require background checks. We will accept donations via T-Shirt QR codes to make donating transparent and effective.
  4. Inspired by Todd MillerMiller University is a remote opportunity for individuals advancing through Thirst for Change as well as non-local individuals experiencing homelessness who can learn and adapt to the digital workforce using their phone, library computers, or personal computers. We will offer sponsorships for long-standing individuals who have completed successful milestones.
  5. As our university grows in size, we will work with strategic partners all around the country to find sustainable housing solutions through tiny homes and affordable housing.

Our Board

Joshua Aguirre

Co-Founder & Business Consultant

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