The Wave of Inspiration

Hello All,

I’m Valery, one of the Co-founders of TJW. I wanted to share some of the experiences TJW has been through. It’s been quite a process, but certainly not boring!

The Joshua Wave’s goal is to reach out and inspire people to do the same by giving back to their local community and to hopefully reach a little further to our global community. I find most people I speak to have a little voice urging them to give back a little more than they do. Well, so did we. We have put that voice into action by doing what we can, with little resources, here and now.  Through local outreaches, we have given back to the underprivileged homeless community in 3 different events around Orlando, FL.  And that’s just the start. 

Our first homeless outreach consisted of four friends wanting to give a commodity that the homeless desperately needed: food. Well, we purchased a number of foot-long subs, cut them in half, and passed them out. After that first day, we found out that activity was illegal in our neck of the woods. We had a sigh of relief knowing we didn’t get busted but saddened that we were limited in our gifts. 

We’ve now figured out the do’s and don’ts and are partnering with local organizations. We collected and distributed hundreds of pounds of clothes, toiletries, and many other useful items for someone without a home. 

You see, we all have one thing in common, we live on the same rock. That may sound silly but that’s our connection to one another and we want to eventually give support to that family in the middle of Africa, build a house for that family in need in Cambodia, or save that young girl that’s been forced into a life she fears in another part of the world.  We have big goals, to say the least, but we aren’t letting that intimidate us in helping our neighbors today.   

Check us out and join the Wave of inspiration by volunteering or becoming a donor!

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