Our Goal

What We Do

We are committed to eliminating homelessness and poverty, abolishing human trafficking and building homes for homeless individuals first in the States and then across the borders.

We provide resources for the homeless in Charlotte, NC as well as Central and South FL by mentoring and teaching them to become self-sufficient through national funding and local partnerships and we’re working to develop systems to abolish human trafficking and build homes for the homeless in other countries.

Our Approach

  1. 100% of your donations go straight to the cause.
  2. We establish the connections from the needy to the resources that they are in need of.
  3. We understand that not every person wants to donate to the same cause, that’s why we’re creating a system in place that allows for people to recommend new outreaches to be approved by our board.


We center our program on local outreaches to spread the message of hope and to bring the homeless to self-sustainability. Through predefined action plans, we are able to not only provide the needy with supplies but also connect them with local resources where they can help themselves.